Manicure – Моя Вечная Весна

Post-punk | Indie
EP | Лейбл 2021
7 | 10

Manicure, a band from Moscow released their first S/T album in 2009, with absolutely hitting songs “Another Girl” and “I wanna be free”, and a couple of years later a second LP “Grow Up”, slightly more static and sustained release compared to the first , and a quite different, much more light-sounding, far from the canons of post-punk style, electronic third album with Russian lyrics “Восход” (Rise) in 2014, seemed to have gone down in history, but.

All the more pleasant was the surprise, after seven years of silence band released a new mini-album “Моя вечная весна” (My eternal spring). With a new studio work, we can feel the quintessence of everything that Manicure tried to convey to the listener on their previous albums – the detachment and persistence of the first LP successfully work with modern monotonous drawings of quite simply programmed drum machines, while the atmospheric post-rock line can be traced through release, in some parts it is a reference to the album “Восход” (Rise), but only particularly, the instruments are much more open, as if the feeling of time and the desire to get into it have disappeared.

The first track “Ночь” is biting, with raw guitars and hopes. Very close in mood to the earliest works of the band. The joint track with the members of Komsomolsk “Серебрянные Дни” (Silver Days) is a well-produced pop song that can play decently both at the graduation ceremony at school and in the player of a motorist-racer decided to crash on the track. The most heartfelt track “Моя вечная весна” is the last on the album, really deep and very sad. I don’t really want to live, but I have to live.