Ива – Пороки Прекрасного

Cold Pop | Other
Album | Dark Horses
7 | 10

Iva, the vocalist and front lady of the trip-hop band Ivatu started to sing in Russian, released her debut album “Пороки прекрасного” (Vices of the Beautiful)  and presented a mystical video clip with it for the song “Не отрывайся” (Don’t come off) – a rather powerful reference to the film “Paranormal activity”

The inner world of Iva’s songs is very fragile and graceful, like crystals of thin ice frozen in the wind several decades ago. At first view, Iva’s music can be attributed to the Cold Pop scene, quite pleasant dark melodic sketches, gloomy overtones, and a beautiful side voice, but this is 100% Underworld Pop, that doesn’t exist. Iva is constantly in an unconscious irrational flight, somewhere far away from real feelings and experiences. In a world of suffering and alienation.

You may not like the album, but the touch feeling remains for a long time. Very honest and poignant. Absolutely out of the time.