Грозный Ваня и Опричники – XXI

New-Wave | Indie-Pop
Album |  Something In The Air Records
7 | 10

Debut album of the famous Moscow fashion enthusiast Dmitry Groshev, better known for Lost Weekend band and the ideological guru-founder of the dream-pop band Secrets of the Third Planet, musician and sound producer Yevgeny Frankevich collaborate under the name Грозный Ваня и Опричники.

Unobtrusive indie-pop at the turn of the 80s and 90s in the style of New Order or Soft Machine – electronic bass, straight, restrained beats, cleverly intertwined meaningful guitar parts and light synth pads. Endless metaphors and philosophical sayings – most likely humor, but not exactly.

Listening to it, you get the feeling of a well-balanced recorded album, inside of which you are slightly carried away to the origins of the Russian new-wave scene. Most of all, the composition “Эйнштейн” attracts high attention – the ingenious answer to Duran Duran.

The first single “19 Moments of Spring” was released in 2020, clips for the video were filmed by friends of musicians in different countries in the midst of coronavirus madness and restrictions.

In addition to Groshev and Frankevich, various musicians took part in the recording of the album – Vladimir Komarov (The Daysoff, Hot Zex, Punk TV), Fedor Dmitriev (Silence Kit), Vladimir Erin (Erin), Narek Arutyunyants (Vas’) and Alena Dolbik-Vorobey.