Mix of psychedelic post-punk, shoegaze and synthwave music with a twist from The Soft Moon, Death In Vegas or The Jesus And Mary Chain. Output is a mixture of beautifully noisy guitars, catchy dance beats and rousing synthesizers, layered with captivating vocals.

During his long musical career, Alex Kelman has gained a fairly large musical baggage. He created many projects himself and took part in some as a guitarist: Punk TV, Hot Zex, TonySoprano, Dsh! Dsh! and other music bands in various years were noticeable and filled their own niche.

During 2014-2023 Alex Kelman played about 200 club and festival concerts in Europe, Asia and America, released several singles, EP’s and 3 full-length albums.

New album was produced and recorded during 2020-2022 & includes 8 tracks. Most tracks produced by Alex Kelman, some of them in collaboration with different artists: dream-pop romantic Magnus Josefsson, shoegaze band Secrets Of The Third Planet, friend and colleague in the previous Kelman’s band Punk TV – Vladimir Komarov, old-school electronics guru Inbox and crazy electorocker Kelly Perry.

Packed full of droning synths and moody intent, “VHS” embodies the retro lo-fi vibe that its title would suggest with Alex Kelman executing his downbeat intentions with notable efficiency. The bleak tone is no doubt deliberate but the song hits it mark.

A multi-layered universe veiled by a heavy, distorted haze triggers slow dragging drum beats, piercing and shivering guitar strains, and steady rumbling bass lines to open echoing dimensions around sad, dreamy vocal introspections where evocative synth effects ecstatically blow, drone, and swirl under the “High Limit of Dreams.”

“VHS” is a fuzzy and hazy slo-mo musing carried by layers of distorted guitars, starry-eyed synths, and Kelman‘s dreamy vocals. It makes me think of the soft and romantic side of British feedback legends The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Pure synthgaze, surrounded with space guitars falling down into the deep warm vibes.

Vocals that kind of hit like late 70’s and early 80’s goth somewhere between Peter Murphy and Jesus & Mary Chain. Musically it’s a modern mix of shoegaze dreampop with more pop aesthetic than droneiness. This is very light and airy feeling and would be appreciated by anyone longing for Love & Rockets or Depeche Mode stuff but mixed with more modern sonic palettes.