Rudda Sounds – electronic project, appeared in 2016 in the cultural capital of Russia Saint-Petersburg in the atmosphere of damp frosty climate. Presents new age symphony mixing on a trip-hop, electronics, and jazz. Add broken and groovy beats, symbiosis of space, and live drum energy and you get a complete picture of hearing sound.

A latest release an album “Cyber ​​Babylon” consists of 6 tracks, collected in a single trembling shot of prehistoric vicious noir. It immerses the listener in complex technologies and an atmosphere of walks in search of immortality through the night metropolis.

Rudda Sounds is smashing the void by clear rhythms and loops, emphasizing the fabulous forms of ancient civilizations with the sounds of classical instruments, where conventional violins or bendirs recreate a detached view of half-abandoned ancient ruins.

Soulful rock party in Azbuka Zvuka studio