tAngerinecAt is Wales based queer duo that was formed in Ukraine in 2008: Zhenia Purpurovsky (from Kyiv) and Paul Chilton (UK) – songwriters, producers, composers, and multi-instrumentalists who craft a spellbinding sonic world using electronic production, hurdy-gurdy, voice, whistles and an array of other sounds. Their new album Glass that hit the top of the charts on Bandcamp and was voted one of Louder Than War’s top 100 albums of 2022 highlights Zhenia’s personal story as a multi-ethnic queer refugee and complex trauma survivor from a working-class background.

tAngerinecAt have been booked to perform at Wave-Gotik-Treffen (DE), Tallinn Music Week (EE), Focus Wales (UK), SHARPE (SK), Ex Tenebris Lux (FR), Raut Oak (DE), and Hradby Samoty (SK) festivals this year.

Glass is a truly astounding, powerful and highly pertinent piece of work… The outfit fuses electronica and drone with industrial flourishes and beautifully dark songwriting… If it doesn’t get your blood pumping then you may as well check yourself into the crematorium… Over throbbing electronica and a relentless four-to-the-floor beat, tAngerinecAt delivers one of the most exciting pieces of music I’ve heard this year. It is, to use a technical term, an absolute banger.’ Louder Than War

“tAngerinecAt is breaking down barriers and the time-space continuum”Post-Punk.com