Visions in Clouds is a producer duo consisting of Simon Schurtenberger and Pascal Zeder. The two Lucerne musicians have dedicated themselves to synth-pop, disco and wave. After their poetic debut album ‘Masquerade’, they refined their style with ‘Levée en Masse’ (Manic Depression Records, 2017) and ‘What If There is No Way Out’ (IC Records, 2018). On the resulting ‘Remixes’ EP (2019), Visions in Clouds collaborated with friends from the Swiss music scene such as CRIMER and Pablo Nouvelle. Through their releases and tours across Europe over the past four years, they have made a name for themselves in scenes from Lucerne to Warsaw.

For their new song collection ‘Are you still watching?’ Schurtenberger and Zeder joined forces in a remote studio with two companions and producers: Berlin-based studio engineer Antonio Passacantilli and Stockholm-based composer Sebastian Meyer. The result of the collaboration are glamorous, colourful tracks that combine profound lyrics and catchy, harmonic melodies with sparkling synths, dynamic guitars and precise drums and percussion – influenced by the 80s and 90s and transported to the year 2021.