Alex Kelman feat. Sasha Fanat – Vesna

The dirty overloaded sound of guitars and synthesizers in the new Alex Kelman’s track “Vesna” is side by side with the clear monotonous electro-rock rhythm of the drum machine and the jarring punk singing about how the world finally goes crazy, people destroy the planet and themselves, like dogs being poisoned by different kinds of fakes, without all understanding of the causes of what is happening around them see reality turned inside out, blindly and completely trusting the information surrounding them.

released June 30, 2020

Produced by: Alex Kelman
Music & lyrics by: Alex Kelman
Vocal by: Sasha Fanat
Mixed by: Alex Kelman
Mastering: Ilya Mazaev
Magnetic tape processing by: Wim Bult at Inlinemastering
Art-cover by: Egor Filippov & Denis Mopa

The original version supplemented by two remixes from Italian psychedelic duo Kill Your Boyfriend and electronic band Rudda Sounds from St. Petersburg.