Del Cano – Kyiv Metro

Double-single from Del Cano – the one-man music project from Odesa, Ukraine. This single predicts the new album of the author, written mostly during quarantine and inspired by the themes of transport and traveling.

The main song is dedicated to the Kyiv Metro system, a deep and mysterious structure of tunnels, mostly built during Soviet period. This song is a pretty atmospheric anthem, written to immerse listeners underground, closer to the vibrations of the heart of Ukrainian capital.
The B-side of this single, the song named ‘Cometa’ is opposed to the main song. It’s a pure ambient-infused work about outer space and freedom of traveling, with no tunnels but through the tunnel of time and universe.

released August 4, 2020

Produced by: Del Cano
Music by: Del Cano
Mixed by: Del Cano
Mastering: Del Cano
Art-cover by: Del Cano