Del Cano – Trans Port

“Trans Port” is a new upcoming album by DEL CANO – one-man music project from Odesa, Ukraine. It was written mostly during quarantine and inspired by the themes of transport and travelling. This work is a great combination of chill out music, atmospheric ambient and post-punk guitar lines.

The main song is dedicated to the Kyiv Metro system, a deep and mysterious structure of tunnels, mostly built during Soviet period. This song is a pretty atmospheric anthem, written to immerse listeners underground, closer to the vibrations of the heart of Ukrainian capital.

The other song named “Costa Oeste” is dedicated to the Chilean friend of the creator of “Del Cano”. The closing track on the album, “Ocean” is an over six minutes long great ambient work which relaxes your mind after an emotional and dreamy trip through the album.

The project “Del Cano” was born to create soundtracks for the movies, but soon it started “living its own life”, as an author says, and the music became a film of itself.

The album “Trans Port” will be released on all streaming platforms on 25th of August, the next day after 29th Ukraine’s Independence Day and will become a gift to all travellers, wherever they’re travelling – inside or outside.

released August 25, 2020

Artist: Del Cano
Release: Trans port (album)
Label: Kysla Records, KR005

Produced by: Del Cano
Music & lyrics by: Del Cano
Vocal by: Del Cano
Mixed by: Del Cano
Mastering: Del Cano
Art-cover by: Bohdan Strilchyk