Rudda Sounds – Cyber Babylon

On February 16, 2021, Kysla Records released a new LP by the electronic duo from St. Petersburg named Rudda Sounds. “Cyber ​​Babylon” consists of 6 tracks, collected in a single trembling shot of prehistoric vicious noir. It immerses the listener in complex technologies and an atmosphere of walks in search of immortality through the night metropolis.

Rudda Sounds is smashing the void by clear rhythms and loops, emphasizing the fabulous forms of ancient civilizations with the sounds of classical instruments, where conventional violins or bendirs recreate a detached view of half-abandoned ancient ruins.

This work can be associated with the soundtrack to the game “Cyberpunk 2077”, or with the techno-period of The Chemical Brothers.

released February 16, 2021

Rudda Sounds:

Yuriy Rudenko – Music
Daniil Kornev – Drums, Percussions
Denis Zarutskiy – Bass in Reed Fute Cave

Mixing – Egor Ryazantsev
Mastering – Jaroslav Celujko
Cover – Anna Rudenko
Logo – Stanislav Vasiliev
Samples used are taken from