Mashmellow – Pole Pole

Indie pop | Dream pop
EP | Родной Звук
7 | 10

Egor Berdnikov’s previous musical projects have always been stylish, distinguished by beautiful guitar parts and pleasant melodies and at the same time there was some conflict with not falling into the formation phase of the Russian independent scene. So, for example, his band Слайды (Slides) wrote wonderful songs in their native language, when all around it was considered “not cool” to sing in it, and then, after being reborn to the band Hospital and singing in English, the guys again did not fall into the time stream, when suddenly everyone around them began to sing in Russian.

The fresh release of Mashmellow “Pole Pole” is in a hurry to break this stupid stereotype. The English language fits well with the cozy reliefs of the spacious and a bit sad indie-pop. Six tracks are about the sea, romance and travel. Smooth ride, unhurried kayak rowing into infinity. Listening to the release, you involuntarily imagine yourself wearing headphones, standing on the evening beach and being blown by the winds of the West Coast. The first and brightest track “Small Spark” was released as a single and pushed with a video filmed in contrast Zanzibar in Africa.

In a little over a year, Mashmellow release 2 mini-albums and several singles. To the main list of successful moments, it is necessary to add extraordinary mixing and sound production of this record. Enjoy.

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