Del Cano – Supēsumonkī (スペースモンキー)

New single by Del Cano opens a new series of works dedicated to the SpaceX Martian campaign. It’s a mix of gloom, meditation and concentration. The author lives in a depressed district of a big city in the south of Ukraine, watching the first photos from Mars.

The artwork was created by Marta Martyshyn from Drohobych, Ukraine. Marta & Serhiy (Del Cano) watch a lot of primates on YouTube, one of which was the Japanese macaque (nihondzara), which served as a visual leitmotif for this single and its cover.

released May 25, 2021

Artist: Del Cano
Release: Supēsumonkī (スペースモンキー)
Label: Kysla Records, KR009

Produced: Del Cano
Art-work: Marta Martyshyn