La Jungle – Fall of The Apex

Electronic | Punk
LP | Gideon Chase | Black Basset Records
9 | 10

An inexhaustible charge of energy and ridicule. La Jungle dudes are always artistic and very mobile, both on stage and in the studio.

Their new album “Fall of The Apex” is not an exception. Emotional explosions of seemingly minimalistic drums, accentuated by tasty samples and loops, that grow on top of each other, like mushrooms after rain. Vocal parts are also often broadcast with overloaded samples and resemble slogans. In general, the album is very aggressive and the most audacious in terms of sound in comparison with the previous releases. If before listening to “Fall of The Apex” you could still save your soul and hide in time, now it’s too late. La Jungle’s rocket will follow you and smash with one blow – non-stop reflection and mantra. This is undoubtedly punk with elements of kraut rock, and of course, electronic punk, since there are only two guys, and they sound perhaps denser, than the whole Slayer.

“La jour du cobra” is probably the album’s main track, rapidly gaining auditions on digital platforms, accompanied by a video clip by Fred Labeye, full of mockery of glamor, spaghetti and the madness of a fish, jumping out of an aquarium.