Blankenberge – Everything

Dream-Pop | Shoegaze
Album | Self-Released
9 | 10

Blankenberge’s “Everything” – incredible 3rd album of the band, great combination of canonical dream-pop sound with elements of energetic post-rock and magic shoegaze tunes goes beyond the ordinary day and takes the listener into a world of fantasies and warmth.

The album came out very melodic and much more tender in comparison with the previous “More”. Band managed to bring a greater share of lyricism, melody and a more confident look at their own structure and concept of their sound, while continuing to fly on the wings of guitar crunch and overloads, drum fills framed by distant space vocals in the same stream with guitars.

Listening to “Everything” you are constantly on an imaginary ice rink surrounded by slowly falling snowflakes and a crystal turquoise sky overhead. Let me call this genre probably “Wintergaze”

While this review was being written, the vinyl edition of the album was almost instantly sold out.