Sana Garić, Ignacio Simon, Bad Pritt

Sana Garić – Naočare za srce
Electronic | Disco
Album | Mascom Records

Sunny electro-disco-pop from the banks of the Danube. Sana Garić released a new LP “Naočare za srce”. Album is neatly laid out in a disco mosaic, with crisp and dense dance patterns of drum machines, retro sounding synthesizers and light funky guitars. Mysterious and slightly sad vocal notes are in perfect harmony with the general mood of the record. 

Some associative reference to the music of Kylie Minogue in the Serbian interpretation. “Naočare za srce” listens to the breeze of a warm summer night in one breath.

Ignacio Simon – Old Friends
Other | Experimental
Album | Self-Released

A slow motion noir, a plot from an autumn retro performance that hangs in the air. The faint sound of rain drizzling outside the window under the dim light of a lonely lantern. Thus, Ignacio Simon, also a member of Northwest duo, on his new album “Old Friends”, conveys to the listener a magical chamber atmosphere in the modern theater of the absurd. In addition to episodic guitars, keyboards, experiments with effects, percussion and, directly, insinuating vocal parts, the sounds of a cello are added to Ignacio’s album with a fabulous layer.

Bad Pritt – EP1
Electronic | Experimental
EP | Shyrec Records

New mini-album of Italian musician Bad Pritt “EP1” is a fragile ambience collected in particles, perhaps with less experimentation with electronics and effects than in his previous works, but with a deep inner feeling and crystal clear sound. A meaningful plunge into cold silence, a smooth transition from night to morning and back. The seven tracks sound like a weekly loop from “What Happened to Monday” movie. History of awareness of sorrow. Concentration and a lot of hard work inside.