Jay Williams, Baiba, My Friend Dano

Jay Williams – Lost Cinema
Indie | Electronic
Single | Self- Released

Tricky interweaving of break-beat patterns, post-punk guitars, mysterious synths and divine vocals by Shaley Scott – a new single of Jay Williams saw the light shortly after the release of his second album “Atomic Dreams”

My Friend Dano – Sonica Jonica
Nu Disco |
EP | Self-Released

Dario Aiello aka My Friend Dario – music producer from very South of Italy released a really fresh summer EP – nu disco & dub spirit with futuristic elements.

Baiba – Perfect
Electronic | Pop
Single | Super Plus Records

Assertive and provocative high-quality pop of the beginning of the century from Baiba – a producer and artist from Innsbruck. It’s like you’re back in the MTV era.