Supernova 1006, Aerofall, Atto Seguente 

Supernova 1006 – Technical Support (not included)
Electronic | Experimental
EP | Self-Released

Supernova 1006’s energetic electro noise mosaic in a hard elastic rhythmic shell, the merciless mechanics of the archaic world of machines, could envy.

Aerofall – Heads
Post-Punk | Shoegaze
Single | Hands and Moment

One of the main news of this fall is the release of the third album “RH” of shoegazer’s Aerofall, they are in no hurry, as if repeating their colleagues from MBV, releasing records once a millennium.

Atto Seguente – Demon
IDM | Electronic
Single | SAC Recordings 

Thoughtful and honest IDM single of Atto Seguente, an electronic project inspired by Radiohead, Apparat, Iosonouncane, Bjork, Aphex Twin.