Crayfish, Holy Springs, Junkz / La Jungle & KermesZ à L’Est

Crayfish – Podzem
Post-rock | Experimental
Single | Evil Production

Melodic & rhythmic post-rock adventure from the Czech artist Crayfish. The 11-minute instrumental passage floats imperceptibly through a pleasant background over the hustle and bustle of the working city.

Holy Springs – Just Sleep
Indie | Alternative
Single | Self-Released

This time, a lullaby single from the British band Holy Springs, who won the hearts of shoegazers last year with their debut album, released on Up In Her Room.

Junkz / La Jungle & KermesZ à L’Est
Free-Jazz | Alternative
EP | H Y P E R J U N G L E Recordings

The Belgians La Jungle continue their sound experiments, this time recording experimental free jazz EP with KermesZ à l’Est, scribbling two songs with a big amount of instruments & emotions, not losing the atmosphere of madness.