Upcoming Tours – Fall 2023


French electronics with incredible performance

Possible dates:
Fall 2023

Baptiste Lagrave draws his contrasting influences on artists ranging from Franz Schubert,François de Roubaix, Boards of Canada or Jon Hopkins. His first EP Empty, which had great feedback and was featured on French media such as Tsugi and Les oreilles curieuses also had a fair share of radio plays on French and German radiostations such as FIP and BVR.

Represented by SyncSync Agency, having his catalog alongside that of artists such as Caribou, José González or Son Lux Baptiste Lagrave is also familiar with live performances and dj sets. He notably performed at Hasard ludique and the 36h Festival inside achurch, he brings his universe to the stage, taking the audience into spheres as dark as they are

With a rebellious second EP that summons both the harmonies of Schubert and the most demanding IDM, Baptiste Lagrave is quietly making a place for itself in the first division of French electronic music. “Pulsions” is an EP that is both labyrinthine and cut out for clubs. Five chiaroscuro tracks as introspective as they are daring.


incredible dutch indie-pop with a part of humor & straight live performances

Possible dates:
October 04-22, 2023

Ciao Lucifer released their last album “Good News” on V2 records( Moby, Mumford and Sons, Blood Red Shoes, etc.). One word always comes back in every review they get: energy. The raw honesty of their compact duo-setup of guitar and drums makes the perfect sound for irresistible grooves. Indie-Pop with an edge, as if Vampire Weekend would cover a Beatles song on the wedding of The Kills.


Straight electro duo with dark energyfrom Wales

Possible dates:
October 15-16, 2023
October 22-26, 2023

Tangerinecat have been booked to perform at Wave-Gotik-Treffen (DE), Tallinn Music Week (EE), Focus Wales (UK), SHARPE (SK), Ex Tenebris Lux (FR), Raut Oak (DE), and Hradby Samoty (SK) festivals this year.

tAngerinecAt is Wales based queer duo that was formed in Ukraine in 2008: Zhenia Purpurovsky (from Kyiv) and Paul Chilton (UK) – songwriters, producers, composers, and multi-instrumentalists who craft a spellbinding sonic world using electronic production, hurdy-gurdy, voice, whistles and an array of other sounds. Their new album Glass that hit the top of the charts on Bandcamp and was voted one of Louder Than War’s top 100 albums of 2022 highlights Zhenia’s personal story as a multi-ethnic queer refugee and complex trauma survivor from a working-class background.


Melodic post-punk with catchy vocal from France

Possible dates:
November 02-05, 2023

An obvious reference to Bowie as the starting point for an sensitive, artistic reflection, tormented and full of pop culture references. Diamond Dog’s dystopian punk and poetic vision starts to take shape in 2020 and was fully formed in 2021.The writing and the performance of the songs draws its identity from the new wave origins of the very end of the 70’s.