Secrets Of The Third Planet – The Space Voyage

Ambient | Electronic
LP Soundtrack | Self-released
9 | 10

The fourth album of the Moscow-based Secrets of The Third Planet “The Space Voyage” symbolically goes out on the orbit on International Day of Human Space Flight and directly refers you to the film of the same name, the first Soviet silent sci-fi film of 1936, for which the S3P musicians wrote the soundtrack and played live during the screening of the film in the cinema.

Beautiful ambient landscapes and disturbing sounds emerging in the middle of them, caused by the unknown movement on a new unexplored planet, merge in a single unconscious flight on a supersonic spaceship, painted with the best traditions of space sound.

Separately, would like to note the quiet guitar post-rock sketches hidden in the very depths of the album, gradually leading the listener to the main and probably the brightest track, which is also the last one on the album.