Go March – III

Kraut Rock | Electronic
EP | Dunk Records
9 | 10

Every touch of sound coming from instrumental trio from Antwerp named Go March, whether it be a new release or live performance, is a complete immersion in the mysterious underwater world of live electronics, filtered through sparkling emotions. The melodies are intertwined like snakes, creating a living tangle on stable platform, lined with smooth puzzles. The adventure trail begins in a wide sunny glade, and then takes you further and further into the mysterious and beautiful sonic forest.

The new mini album is not an exception – a first track “Zipp” envelops and drowns with a soft sea wave. “Ortisei” – the second composition, a beautiful brooding electro-pop, that could be considered cold, but live drums make it fast and energetic. Arpeggio action movie “Stampede” is an insistent and even aggressive track, under which you want to rush forward, not looking back and not paying attention to the silhouettes flickering around, to break away at speed and not remember the past. The last track “Droplets” puts everything in its place, taking us into the light of the twisted forest trail. Who needs lyrics?