Kelly Perry – Death Coast

Noise | Punk
LP | Humaths records
9 | 10

Artist and sound producer Andrey Yukhovich this year can’t stop to delight us with a series of new albums of his own musical projects. January’s Supernova 1006 “The history of Supernova 1006” released on Sierpen Records – a downed 28-minute electro-rock action movie consisting of as many as 15 tracks, the atmosphere for some reason reminds the first punk Beastie Boys album, a few months later, Andrey produced réalité “Grippy Junkie” like a machine gun Grips”, a clip of minimalist electro tracks, released on Klang records. And in May Kelly Perry “Death Coast” (LP) – a new release under his own label Humanths Records.

Emotional forms of psycho overloads, the same non-stop minimalistic knocking drum machine, vocal effects pushed into the dark depths, sharp-edged guitar sounds and endless flanger on the bass partly take us into the world of psychedelic noise rock, New York party mood with A Place To Bury Strangers, Ceremony East Coast or the same early Odonis Odonis.

An album for those, who don’t give a shit, an album for those with dirty ripped jeans and a broken guitar without a few strings. An album to destroy, creating something new. For broken heads and cut hearts.