Magnus Josefsson – Anette Halbe Stunde 011

Dub | Bedroom Pop
EP | Anette Records
7 | 10

30-minutes instrumental trip by Magnus Josefsson, also known for the projects Blända, Vyn and Bondage Fairies. He made this record especially for the Berlin’s label Anette Records, it consists of two tracks called Side A and Side B.

Side a

15-minutes (although it could be endless) dub wave guitar passage, floating around the effortlessly moving forward smeared rhythmic loops and non-intrusive synth parts, take us to the psychedelic world of the 70s, the absence of any form or obligation, including and in front of himself.

Side B

Magic of oblivion and atmospheric bedroom-pop, released mainly by the same sound guitars, but, opposite to the side A, a composition consists of several parts, different in mood and tempo, and in the middle of the track a narrating pleasant male voice appears.

Anette Halbe Stunned 011 is well suited for sleepy or melancholic mood and inner movement.