Blankenberge – No Sense

Dream Pop | Shoegaze
Single | Self-Released
9 | 10

Listening to the new Blankenberge’s single “No sense”, want to rush rapidly up the airy staircase to the sky, a wonderful mix of fresh morning energetic mood and the desire to give smiles. Bright, slightly sandy guitar sound, quiet vocal parts, barely breaking out of the guitar cloud, simple and pleasant rhythmic patterns, neoclassic dream-pop, which will be described in shoegaze school books in next 10 years.

The single is accompanied by Alex Kelman’s remix of the track “Look Around” from Blankenberge’s previous album. Alex managed to change the mood of the original track, making it sound more insane and overdriven, with inverted vocals and 8-bit drum sound, while maintaining basic laws of genres.

Looking forward for a new album, which will be released at the end of this summer.