Magnus Josefsson, Sobranie 9 19, Всадники ЖКХ

Magnus Josefsson – December
Bedroom Pop | Indie
Single | The Mirror Factory

The second single by Swedish instrumentalist Magnus Josefsson, released on his own label The Mirror Factory, located in the village of Fröseke, in an abandoned mirror factory in the middle of a dense Swedish forest, which has become a haven for the artist and his arts.

Pleasant soft ambient, vibrations and mood in the spirit of Cocteau Twins or Air, clean atmosphere and a share of oblivion.

In November Magnus will present his debut album, which will be a logical continuation of several singles released by the artist’s own efforts.

Sobranie 9 19 – Holy Like An Angel
Neo-classic | Experimental
Single | Burlestor

Neo-classical experiments with sound and form, mechanical ambience with a broken organ. Sobranie 9 19 would undoubtedly be worth paying attention to the creators of modern cinema, a fine line of mood and disharmony – the perfect backtrack for an imaginary film.

“I didn’t attach any importance to my ability to play long songs on the keyboard the first time around. But just recently I thought: it’s cool that I can do that. Here’s an improvisation on the Elektron Analog Four synthesizer, complete with VST synthesizers, live choir samples, cinematic sound effects and my vocals. The track itself was written in 2017 but recently reworked and remixed.” (Sobranie 9 19)

Всадники ЖКХ – Колени
Kraut | Experimental
EP | Incompetence Records

Skewed from the hard life in the metropolis, caught in the reality of traffic jams and low-quality rotten products, the hero of the conditional Pink Floyd, a real uncouth beast is furious and radiates nerve streams of destructive energy.

The Moscow kraut-rock collective Всадники ЖКХ (Vsadniki JKH) with their new release “Колени” (EP) has successfully joined Incompetence Records, under whose wing the records of such artists as Интурист, Вещь, Glintshake (ГШ) and others are released.

An abundance of sonic post-modernism and non-trivial melodic interweaving – unlike the debut album, where everything is quite straightforward, honest and drive, the new release leaves the feeling of an unsolved mystery.