The Person – Numbers

Art-rock | Experimental
Album | Self-Released
10 | 10

The drama image of the Swedish poet and musician Mikael Norstedt, who took the creative pseudonym The Person, originates somewhere in the late 70s – mid 80s, echoes of Simon & Garfunkel and Fleetwood Mac with bizarre forms of art-rock compositions are heard in his music mixed with leisurely, lazy hip-hop, dub and modern rhythm and blues.

Unlike previous releases, the new album has much more inner experiences and emotions. The Person himself almost renounced “Numbers” album, doesn’t want to put it on streaming platforms and modestly submitting only a link to Soundcloud for the court and preparing a new album, in his words, full of light, kindness and positive energy.

The more interesting “Numbers” sounds.

Mikael himself recorded all the instrumental and vocal lines, arranged and mixed all tracks – this is a real high-quality underground, the sincerity of which is invaluable, although the record’s commercial potential is much higher, if The Person recorded it in an expensive studio with top engineers and glossy backing vocalists, who knows, where “Numbers” compositions would be in the top charts or? 

Track-list with time indicators for start of each track:

1. First Person Shooter (0:00)

2. 3,5% (4:55)

3. Heinonen (8:55)

4. 9/10 (13:33)

5. 10/10 (15:33)

6. Empty sluts in the parking lot (19:20)

7. A better us (22:55)

8. Zeroes (26:25)

9. Always tell the truth (29:25)

10. Lost (31:55)

11. 666 (35:54)