Visions In Clouds – Are You Still Watching?

Synth-Wave | Disco
Album | Little Jig Records, IC Records
8 | 10

Visions In Clouds released their third studio album, which is fundamentally different from the previous records. Since 2016, four guys from the city of Lucerne have been playing uncompromising melodic new-wave / post-punk, sometimes depressing, sometimes filled with the romantic spring mood. With the advent of the new decade, the group suddenly becomes a duo and moves to an electronic and, perhaps, more adult synth wave / disco sound.

Listening to the new album “Are You Still Watching?” one feels a reference to the early 00s, reminiscent of YACHT, Thieves Like Us or even Bloc Party. Beautiful synthesizer passages of vintage Yamaha – Roland are underlined by stylish drum machines also from the oldies Slightly languid, but with a certain degree of optimism vocals – all this is very well produced in a single disco stream. The main track of the album is undoubtedly “Thieves”.

Having presented a new album in their native Lucerne, the band is going on a short tour to Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic this week.