Resplandor – Tristeza

Noise-Pop | Shoegaze
Album | Automatic Entertainment, Reptile Music
10 | 10

“Tristeza” – a new album of the Peruvian shoegaze ideologue, musician Antonio Zelada and his Resplandor is an incredibly beautiful dream-noise-pop nixed and produced by a Robin Guthrie from Cocteau Twins.

Band is currently based in Rotterdam and the material for the new album was also recorded in Holland, in Amsterdam at Schenk studio.

Slow night flight with stars moving around – highest limit of dreams. Noisy guitar surreal, voices drowned in and blurry rhythms, epic sounds of the synthesizer multiplied by the endless flanger chain of Robin Guthrie.

Crystalline romance and naive of Pinkshinyultrablast or The Mysterious Town Of Oak Hill going hand by hand with confident shoegaze passages in the style of Lush or My Bloody Valentine. The main track of the album is probably “Adore”

It should be noted a fantastic art-work, consisting of 4 elements, booklet on vinyl and CD versions.