overdriven dreams – symphony // of // murmurings

Experimental | Ambient
Album | Slow Tone Collages
10 | 10

A smooth and long dive into the depths of the sounds around us, analog effects and tape world, otherworldly noises and opaque, barely perceptible vibrations. A new canvas of sound from Serbian artist overdriven dreams.

The symphony // of // murmurings was conducted as a single form piece comprised of two parts:

1.1. f o r / t h e / w i n d
1.2. f o r / t h e / r a i n

~ Murmurings that wind and rain produce are some of the most stunning natural sounds one can hear
~ This piece incorporates field recordings of those sounds that were later used to trigger the oscillators that created the drones
~ All of the sounds you hear come from cassette and reel-to-reel tape loops