Flying Moon In Space – Zwei

Psychedelic | Electronic Rock
Album | Fuzz Club Records
10 |10

A team of irresistible clarity from Leipzig – six perfectly coordinated mechanisms are combined into an intriguing puzzle full of subtle details and lines of electro psychedelic rock. Floating out-of-tune guitars and synths, sometimes causing insanely screaming vocals in the style of PIL, sometimes touching and vulnerable. The record begins with upbeat and danceable tracks, referring to LCD Soundsystem or early Basement Jaxx, and smoothly transitions into dream mode on the neo-hippie planet Saturn.

The band’s second album “Zwei” released by Fuzz Club Records – UK based label is very different from the first record – it is a solid capsule of simulated improvisations, laid neatly and clearly into the scheme of dance psycho.

Interestingly, the album was recorded in the small Czech village Vernerovice, in a magical abandoned Soul church, which hosts the Psychedelic Umami music festival.

You should definitely see their concert.