Nero Kane – Of Knowledge and Revelation

Dark-Folk | Psychedelic
Album | Subsound Records
9 | 10

Disturbing magical mantras, covering the mind with a cold ambient carpet, the sounds of cold guitars and floating organs, taking to an endless crystal castle. The tandem of two voices balances on the verge of the otherworldly horror of the Middle Ages, romanticism and mystery.

“Of Knowledge and Revelation”, Nero Kane’s third studio album was recorded near Venice in a fertile collaboration with producer Matt Bordin (Squadra Omega / Omega Mai / Italian Occult Psychedelia) of Outside Inside Studio, and features visual artist, performer and filmmaker Samantha Stella, whose voice has been defined as “evoking the ghost of Nico”. In the last five years Kane and Stella performed together for Nero Kane’s concerts in clubs, theaters, churches, museums and art galleries in Italy, Europe, UK and Los Angeles. Their live performances have been described as journeys through darkness and melancholy, with the creation of a morbid beauty and an intensity which make them unique.