Kill Your Boyfriend – Voodoo

Psychedelic | Post-Punk
Album | Sister 9 Recordings (UK), Little Cloud Records (USA), Shyrec
8 | 10

Over time, the music of Italian psycho-post-punk duo Kill Your Boyfriend became more and more poisonous, complex and indirect. But the new album “Voodoo” seems to take the band back to the days of dirty surf-punk, with rhythmic overdriven drum claps, perky guitar cuts and a healthy dose of hysteria. A minimum of psychedelia and reclusive mantras. Everything is rude in an adult way, no whining.

Past track titles are also gone. Band called all their previous tracks the female and male names of kings, maniacs and other personalities. On “Voodoo” we see a new page in the history of KYB track titles. New album released on Sister 9 Recordings (UK), Little Cloud Records (USA) and Shyrec (Italy).