Aerofall – Rh

Noise | Shoegaze
Album | Hands And Moment
10 | 10

You wait for the new Aerofall’s album for a very long time, so you manage to miss it. But sooner or later it will definitely appear. Their third studio album “Rh” is being released October 28th on Japan’s label Hands and Moment as previous LP’s were as well.

Opens with a cheerful and light composition “Loose Ends”, not overloaded with the band’s typical guitar sound, in general, the new album turned out to be more optimistic in mood than the previous work “Forms”. Atmosphere of “P.S.” and “Stunning Haze” reminded of young The Lemonheads or even Power Of Dreams, spiced lightly with Sonic Youth “Sister” sour sauce. The daring guitar beat in “Crystal” in the spirit of the Wedding Present’s guitarist and flying on the wings of the madchester “Everywhere you shoot”. And, of course, dense air particles in “Ripe Heather” – The Breeders also have some.

Can you tell by listening to “Rh” that Aerofall have turned their own shoegaze to something new? It doesn’t matter, sound is still amazing and original. But It is very interesting, what is Rh – the Rh factor, the chemical element Rhodium, or something completely different?