Life On Venus – Homewards

Indie Rock | Alternative
Album | Stereopark Music
8 | 10

Music of Life On Venus is often perceived in a cozy beautiful cage of dream-pop and shoegaze bands, however, the latest album “Homewards” takes the band beyond these frames, band almost completely changes its style, sound and mood. “Homewards” is a well-produced and very cold indie-rock record, to which you can sadly dream sitting in the kitchen or slow dancing at the prom in a completely empty hall.

The album’s lead track “Stranger Times” was forced upcoming album as a single release.

Cold pricks of freshly taut strings in “Speak to the moon” or swinging waves dragging under the water of “Summer”, all this reminds a little of New Model Army, early Snowpatrol or may be Ride. Track “Домой” appears at the very end of the album and takes a little to the times of Duran Duran.