Holy Springs – E.A.T

Shoegaze | Indie Rock
Album | Up In Her Room
9 | 10

A planet of unexploded noise in a molten pink cloud atmosphere. Restrained in their overloaded pedals, monotonous rhythms and insinuating vocals, like the high beam of night headlights of a car. Tremolo, tremolo, tremolo. 

Holy Springs from London released their first album “E.A.T.” and  perfectly fit in to Up In Her Room catalogue, releasing really great music so far.

Band skillfully recreates the psychedelic passages of the early stage of shoegaze, of course not without a reference to the icons  MBV and The Dandy Warhols influence, but in their own elegantly way  and without too much acidity. What is great, there is not a drop of dream-pop that has already bothered everyone. In general – make Great shoegaze Britian again!