Foarm – Traitor

Ambient | Electronic
LP | Ezhevika
9 | 10

Foarm broadcast a dialogue with eternity by the sound, with each new track taking us further and further from reality and plunging into the endless space of soft ambient waves and crystal clear enchanting vacuum.

Orderly, Sensual, Attentive:

“Orderly” and “Sensual” seem to be on the surface of consciousness, embraced by the sun’s rays, defocused by warm filters. It’s not for a long time.

“Attentive” lulls the sun and changes the reflections of its rays to reflect the twinkling stars from the surface of the water. The subconscious mind plunges us into dreams and fragments of memories, smoothly lowering to the depth, leisurely and fancifully, like a magical bathyscaphe.

Tired, Nervous, Strange:

“Tired”: As we fall deeply asleep, we are no longer able to control our dreams. While in free flight, out of gravity. We’re just tired and it doesn’t matter if we can return.

“Nervous”: Everything around is lurking, we are sailing more and more slowly, it is no longer entirely clear whether people and a blue planet have ever existed. Who we are? There can be no answer to this question. All that remains is to enjoy the flow and keep moving. Do not be afraid of the unknown and the new.

“Strange”: This is the destination, there is no time, no associations, no questions. Only yellow craters. No movement. We will stay here forever.