James Atkin and The Dayoffs – Only Humans Cry

Madchester | Electronic
Album | Anchor Lights
8 | 10

This joint album produced by James Atkin – EMF frontman – one of the main acts of the 90’s Madchester and the New York’s duo The Dayoffs (Vladimir Komarov, known for the projects Hot Zex, Punk TV and Atsuo Matsumoto) was released by Anchor Lights  with a circulation of 200 audio tapes.

The album sounds in the best traditions of the guitar rave of the 90s and, in fact, listens like a new EMF LP. James’ vocal timbres have not changed at all over the past 30 years, full of freshness and enthusiasm, as if the tracks “Unbelievable” and “Longtime” are somewhere nearby, around the corner. The release is unusual also because it cannot be found in the Internet. We hope that this marketing step will be successful and we will still be able to find “Only Humans Cry” on streaming platforms one day.

Side A – 4 songs, where James and company send special signals to the humans.

“My People” is a bouncy unit on the album that sends us back to the big parties era.

“Theory of Relativity” – the second track is solemn and even slightly pompous with a characteristic verified synthesizer line.

“Love Blind” – space of electro-pop romanticism in the atmosphere of Pet Shop Boys or New Order.

“Only Humans Cry” is the most striking reference to Madchester, a slightly awkward song at first glance carries the maximum hit potential and a good portion of positive TNT.

If you don’t want to listening a vocals, just change it on Side B – 4 instrumental versions.

Also worked on album:
Drummers Justin Welch (Elastica, Lush, Suede) and Sergey Ledovsky (Silence Kit, NRKTK), as well as Fluke vocalist and James’ wife – Rachel Atkin.

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