Ingaja – Quietness in the Air (Fjordwalker Remix)

Electronic | IDM
Remix | Self-Released
9 | 10

Ingaja conveys deep, dark harmonic tones in her works, combined with a powerful and well-defined vocal line and surrounded by atmospheric soundscapes. Her first full-length album “Reverie” was released last year.

Fjordwalker is known for his memorable and fluid journeys into synthwave and downtempo, as well as unforgettable live performances. Unlike Ingaja, which has many singles, EPs and one album in here release luggage, Fjordwalker has three albums and no singles. His last full-length work “Episodes” (LP) was also released in the past 2020.

The sad and enveloping matter and fragile presentation of the original track “Quietness in the Air” is neatly arranged in the pulsation of self-winding beats and typical Fjordwalker’s bright synthesized atmospheric patterns. Impeccable remix in 808 State style.