Snow Eye Films started a cycle of music stories in Russia – watch a first episode.

Snow Eye Films – an independent film production company located in New York started a cycle of music short episodes, conventionally named “Remembering …”

The person of the first episode – the vocalist of the Swiss industrial group The Young Gods Franz Treichler – recalls the Siberian part of the group’s tour in 1996.

The star of episodes 2 and 3, EMF vocalist James Atkin talks about an unexpected tourist trip to the USSR in 1989 and his return to the post-Soviet space as the headliner of the Tallinn Rock Summer 1992 festival. And this is just the beginning …

The “Remembering…” cycle is not so much nostalgia for romantic times as an attempt to see (and perhaps understand) oneself from the outside, through the eyes of a foreigner – in fact, an alien from another planet. And this is extremely important today, when, despite open borders and modern means of communication, people are more fragmented and divided than they were 30 years ago. But music is still able to unite!