The Go! Team – Get Up Sequences Part One

Indie | Alternative
LP | Memphis Industries
9 | 10

The Brighton’s collective practically does not change over the time, as a good wine only gets stronger. The same cool lo-fi sound accompanied by a brass section, a ringing guitar riffs with the fills on two drum kits. Fun, drive and serenity, as if nothing in the world is changing around and everyone continues to dance to “Thunder, Lightning, Strike”, like in 2005.

The first half of the album is practically a classic, according to which we The Go! Team studied and fell in love with:

“Let the Seasons Work” – the album’s visit card, a very characteristic mood, the longest track on the album and the main hit.

“A Memo For Maceo” – is a light version of classic The Go! Team with a very characteristic harmonica in 3 parts.

“Freedom Now” –  is their version of shoegaze, or “thegoteamgaze”

The second half of the album is more relaxed, probably a little more mature.

“Pow” – is a very hook track, a turning point on the album

“Tame the Great Plains” – almost reggae, sunny like Jamaica

“World Remember Me Now” – leaves behind a good mood and does not exactly put a fat point.