Pablo Iranzo – Something

Electronic | Remixes
EP | Self-released
9 | 10

Pablo Iranzo is a contemporary pop-music representative in the guise in which this genre should look. Pablo is a Singer/Songwriter based in Germany who also loves photography , has had experience in video editing, producing and voice acting.

Last year, Pablo introduced the SUMMER OF COLLABORATIONS for the first time with a series of releases featuring collaborations with Gated Reverb, Disquette•s, Monsieur Adi & the duet ‘Devil’s Comeback’ with Hex Poseur

The artist’s latest release is the track “Something” surrounded by different remixes and versions – the celebration returns in an epic fashion as the “SOMETHING (EP)” drops July 9th and not only features last years’ Remixes by Monsieur Adi, Gated Reverb & Disquette•s, but it also features a handful of new and unreleased tracks.

Original Version / Edit / Minimalistic Version 

An original track with violins and other almost classical sounds, with a dramatic vocal line, which is emphasized by the unobtrusive rattles of a trip-hop drum machine sound. A large share of despair, enclosed in the rigid framework of modernity, killing technologies and losses. Inability to fix anything. The original 7 minute track also features short 3 minute Edit and Minimalistic versions.

Alex Kelman Remix

Siberian artist and sound producer Alex Kelman’s musical output is a mixture of beautifully noisy guitars, catchy dance beats and arresting synths, layered with captivating vocals. 

Alex’s version bursts in with a powerful, sometimes danceable projectile in the spirit of  LCD Soundsystem. Overloaded and hard compressed vocal lines and experiments with electronics are complemented by defocused and floating melodic patterns.

Gated Reverb Remix / Extended Version

Gated Reverb is a Norwegian music producer making synth-heavy 80s remixes which draws inspiration from italo disco and synthwave. His remixes have amassed over 85K streams across different platforms by making bootleg remixes of artists such as Justin Bieber, Lewis Capaldi, Roddy Ricch and DaBaby  to name a few.

The most real disco with beautiful retro synthesizers, fills of vintage drum machines and other stylistic playing with time. Dancing and cool, the sunniest and optimistic sounding remix. An unexpected live saxophone part at the end.

Disquette•s Remix 

Music producer from Italy, Synthpop-oriented Eurobeat-infected Retrowave.

Continuation of synth & nu disco stories, with interesting walking “Dutch” bass and colder synths unlike the Gated Reverb versions.

Monsieur Adi Remix / Radio Edit 

Monsieur Adi is an electronic producer from France, who made remixes for pop stars including Beyonce and Ellie Goulding. 

The most danceable and fast remix is rather minimalistic, in its sounding very close to the American house, which boldly competes with the rhythmic Euro dance. So you imagine yourself somewhere in the middle of the dance floor in Ibiza.